Veiled Embers

Illuminated Embers

After five years of living in a cabin in the woods, Savannah is forced out of hiding and back into the Supernatural world she comes from when her mother disappears. She must overcome her untrusting nature and work with strangers to bring her mother back.
As a Morphling, Samuel has grown up hearing of Kites and their intense powers, but he had never met one. No wonder, since almost the entire race was wiped out a few years ago. Ditching school was never as rewarding as the day he met Savannah, a Kite! Following her into the woods and her adventures, he wondered how was he ever going to keep up with these Veiled Embers?

All it takes is one day for their lives to be turned completely upside-down. After using a little too much magic, Savannah accidentally brings Samuel, a mysterious boy, into their lives.

What will he discover about these Veiled Embers?

Kites Of The Arc Series Book 2 
Pulled from the familiarity of the woods, Savannah is trying to find her place in Greenhaven among the other Supernaturals. She has new friends, new home, new school, and old enemies that are still trying to find her. 
After losing a second home to fire, she is determined to find a way to rid the world of Siphons, the soul-sucking monsters that were created by Wizards. 
The only way to do this is to trust her new friends and find out what she is capable of. Being the only Kite/Morphling hybrid in existence has to have some perks, right?